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Pasco County Flood Elevation Survey Basics

Aside from hurricanes, flash floods are one of the most common problems in Pasco County, Florida. Thousands of dollars’ worth of properties are lost or damaged by floods every year. This is a real concern and rebuilding properties and installing flood mitigation features can be very expensive especially if you don’t have any insurance to pay for it. If you don’t have insurance, you better get some before the next flood event. The first step is to get a flood elevation survey certificate.

What is a Flood Elevation Survey Certificate?

The flood elevation certificate is a very important piece of paper that documents your property’s elevation. Insurance companies use the flood elevation survey certificate as a basis for your flood insurance policy.

In general, if your property is located above the base flood elevation (BFE) set by the local government, the premium rate is lower. On the contrary, the closer you are to the BFE, the higher your premium rates would be.

The flood elevation survey certificate is also useful to disaster survivors who are planning to rebuild their damaged properties.

Take note that in areas with moderate to low risks of flooding, a flood elevation survey certificate may not be used by the insurance company in determining the premium.

If you are living in these areas, it is best that you get in touch with your insurance agent and see what premiums apply to you.

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How to Obtain a Flood Elevation Survey Certificate for your Home or Building in Pasco County

There are basically three steps in obtaining a flood elevation survey certificate for your property. We’ve outlined them below:

  • Go to your municipal hall. Talk to your floodplain manager and ask if they have a record of your property’s elevation. If they have it on file, the floodplain manager can complete the Pasco County flood elevation survey certificate for you.

  • If the municipal office don’t have any information about your home’s elevation. The only option left is to hire a Pasco flood elevation survey expert. He will survey your property and complete the flood elevation survey certificate for you. The costs vary depending on your location, property and the complexity of the task. Keep in mind to hire only licensed flood elevation survey professionals.

  • Once you get your flood elevation survey certificate, you can provide a copy to your Pasco insurance agent so he can start working on your premium and new Pasco insurance policy. Make sure to keep a copy for future reference!

Look at the Future

When rebuilding, improving or mitigating your home or building, it is important to take in serious consideration the different scenarios that may happen in the future.

Keep in mind the building requirements change over time or after every major flood disasters. Your municipality’s BFE and Flood Insurance Rate Maps are also subject to change depending on the situation.

For best practices, we strongly encourage that you build or purchase a property that is above the BFE, not only for safety purposes, but also to receive lower flood insurance rates. In all cases, always keep your Pasco flood elevation survey certificate — in might come in handy in the next few years.


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